The primary purpose of this blog is to share readers’ experiences with street harassment for the goal of calling out and bringing attention to those who would harass others. For example:

#1. “Riley” was walking to buy lunch in Pioneer Square the other day.

#2. A group of construction workers shoveling dirt on the side of the road notices her and yell sexually lewd comments and make offensive gestures.

#3. Riley takes out her cell-phone camera (or a regular camera) and takes a quick snapshot of the men who harassed her.

#4. Riley goes home, uploads the photo to her computer and sends this photo (along with a brief description of the incident) to (photos not absolutely necessary. Descriptions by themselves are fine.)

#5. HollabackSeattle receives this email, edits for clarity and information sensitivity and posts it online for the world to see the buffoonery of these street harassing men.

Also, Hollaback Seattle is a community resource for all things concerning street harassment. On the sidebar of the main page, you’ll find links to various resources against street harassment, men’s violence against women, as well as news and legal information concerning street harassment in the state of Washington.

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