Aren’t you observant

September 10, 2006

Thank you for this site! I’ve seen the NY one too! I saw an article about it
on yesterday.

Sadly, last night I had one “those” things again. Not street harassment but
sexual commentary I could of lived without.

So, I’m standing in line to use the unisex bathroom at a local bar in
Seattle on Capital Hill. I’m dressed in a mens tuxedo shirt, stripped
stretch pants, and boots. No cleavage. No boob anything. I
know how I dress doesn’t control other people but I guess society has been
successful in brainwashing me that I’m supposed to hide my body if I don’t
want to deal with male advances. So, back to the story…. I’m just standing
there and this guy pauses and looks me up and down. Then focuses intently on
my breasts and says astonishingly “you have huge breasts.” I lean in because
he’s close and there’s tons of people around. And then I say really really
loudly “aren’t you observant.” He looks stunned and stutters and says oh
sorry. The other guy ahead of me in line shakes his head in disgust, and
then goes on to tell me his mom is like me spunky and not afraid to say
something to stupid guys like that. – By email