“You shouldn’t be wearing a dress then”

August 25, 2006

I went out to pick up some lunch today and made the dreaded walk down S(c)ummit Ave. Two blocks down some crackhead started yelling things to me. “Damn girl, what chu gots around yo neck?”, “That a ruby?”, refering to my big red plastic necklace. I just kept walking and feeling perturbed, there were way too many of his kind around for me to feel safe saying anything. Then he gets pissed that I don’t respond and starts telling me that the least I can do is smile and I must be a bitch. I pick up my lunch and deliberately take another route back to the office. Sure enough I encounter another one but this one was alone. He starts announcing to the neighborhood how nice my legs are and how I’m so sexy. I gathered my nerves, called upon the spirit of the hollaback and yelled “Just fucking shut up! Don’t be yelling at girls who are just walking down the street”. He looked a little shocked and shut up for a minute. Meanwhile two guys that were working on a car looked up to see what all the commotion was about as I’m sure they’ve never heard a girl yell back at a guy before. The yeller noticed that he was being watched and that his “manhood” was at stake so he yelled back “bitch, you shouldn’t be wearing a dress then”. I just kept walking and the next two hood rats addressed me with a polite hello. It felt good to hollaback.



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