You call that “trying to get attention”?

July 14, 2006

[Thanks to EL for this link!]

Check out the ridiculous copy for this news story from a Denver CBS station:

Man Tries To Get Attention From Women, Arrested
(AP) CRAIG, Colo. A Steamboat Springs man got a little more than he bargained for after allegedly trying to get attention from some women in a hot tub in Craig.

Police said Arturo Martinez, 20, faced a charge of indecent exposure following his arrest late Tuesday.

The women claim Martinez was whistling and “engaging in lewd acts” while trying to hide naked in the bushes outside a condominium complex.

Authorities later tracked him down at another complex.

Police said he put up a brief struggle as officers were trying to get him into custody.

Are you serious? Waving your hand, or saying “Excuse me” or even “Hey! Over here!” is what should be called trying to “get someone’s attention.” Exposing one’s private parts and engaging in “lewd acts” IS NOT trying to get someone’s attention. Doing that is nothing short of sexual harassment and street harassment. Next time you see something like this, hollaback and let the world see the face of this idiot!

One Response to “You call that “trying to get attention”?”

  1. Hannah Says:

    I totally agree! I’m 12 years old but I love this site! I feel it gets me ready for the real world when i move out of the house. I already read and love 17 Magazine. Once I get a cell phone i’m making sure it’s a camera phone!

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