New to the blogroll!

July 7, 2006

What started off with Hollaback NYC has quickly grown into more and more Hollabacks around the world 🙂

Check the sidebar on the right for different Hollabacks from Canada, Europe, DC, Texas, Cape Ann. And a special shout-out to everybody at Hollaback NYC for helping us out here at HBS!

Remember, if you have a story it does not require a picture but it does help. Tell your friends and let them know that they can hollaback against street harassment!

One Response to “New to the blogroll!”

  1. Ann M. Says:

    For the past several years, I have had an ongoing problem with the paramedics. There is one certain company that seems to know where I am going and appears in the same area I am in once to several times a day. At one time I thought I was going to go deaf from the sirens. I seriously considered buying safety ear devices to protect my hearing. I am also worried that while most of the time they are not speeding, quite often they are, and when they come up behind me I feel like my life is being threatened. While this is not the average harrassment, it is something that I need to do something about. I believe the photo phones also include the time the picture was taken, so if they appear several times in one day, that would seem to substaniate harrassment.

    Thanks for listening.

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