From comments to physical threats in 0-60

May 31, 2006

[206’s Note: This may not be the street harassment people immediately think of, but i’m going to include this because it follows the basic premises and motivations behind men’s street harassment to women: to objectify, control and exert power over women.]

I work at a well-known clothing store. But at this store there are secutity guards to watch the merchandise and make sure nothing gets stolen. But things still do, so why are they there?? But I am getting off track. One of the security guards asked me out for a movie and I accepted. It did not seem like a big deal.

But things took a bad turn in the road of dating. After a few times hanging out, I politely said that I didn’t want to date this gentleman any further. He seemed cool about it but he wasn’t. Instead he flipped out. Conversations over the internet went from civil comments to insults involving him calling me a slut to threats: “and one last thing.. and remember this well… you keep talking to me the way you do… cussing at me.. I wont tolerate it.. ive never hit a woman.. but you might be the first.” I think that this is what happens when the holla-ing goes wrong. OH SO WRONG!


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